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The Scottsdale Body Revive Experience targets both fat drainage and skin tightening while so many other med spas treat one or the other. At the Hills Beauty Experience, we achieve dramatic results fast and ensure that our clients leave with seamless results.

The Body Revive package features three beneficial processes to achieve the ultimate rejuvenating experience, body mass reduction, skin tightening, and lip plumping. Body treatment with High-Frequency Micro-Current (HFMC) device to get tighter skin. We use S.T.E.P technology which aims at heating the collagen that aims at tightening the skin with controlled effects if draining fat and shrinking skin. Full-body as well as targeted Body Revive is available that can help in attaining a reduction of 7-10% per treatment. Additionally, with Body Revive Lip Plumping you can get plumper lips by 20-30% without any surgery and zero recovery time.

Benefits of our revolutionary Body Revive Experience include:


  • Reduction of flaccidity and skin tightening in the abdomen, back of the arms, on the buttocks, thighs, and anywhere you would like to reduce fat
  • A significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite, a cellulite treatment that is great at reducing cellulite. Cellulite reduction is dramatic and long-lasting
  • Collagen synthesis can help the appearance of sun-damaged areas, aged hands & feet
  • Nonsurgical and noninvasive buttocks lift
  • Effective treatment for most stretch marks, stretch mark removal
  • Selective reduction of adipose tissue bulk, fat reduction, and fat removal
  • Reduction of the appearance of wrinkles & creases, wrinkle reduction
  • Instantly provides a healthier, more youthful appearance
  • Improvement in the appearance of acne & hypertrophic scars
  • Improves skin texture


  • Non-invasive making this a very safe procedure
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Faster recoveries due to being non-surgical
  • Natural rejuvenation of skin
  • Improved elasticity and lift
  • Results in reduced fine lines, wrinkles, and creases
  • Slows down the aging process
  • A more youthful appearance


  • Convenient and pain-free
  • Need no extra time for recovery
  • Natural rejuvenation
  • Take years off your face
  • Helps to reduce wrinkles around the mouth

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One free treatment with package purchase.
some restrictions apply or call us at (480) 585-3787 for more information.

One free treatment with package purchase.
some restrictions apply or call us at (480) 585-3787 for more information.

What do our customers say?

“I got body revive on my face and neck at the hills and I’m really pleased with how everything turned out. Everyone there was very informative about the service that I was getting done from the front desk to when I got pulled back to my room. even during the service any questions I had they were able to answer I was told I may not see results right away it’s usually after a few sessions, but I was able to luckily see results right away. I can’t wait to finish my sessions. Highly recommend their facials as well!”


“I saw Rebecca and she did a great job of putting my fears at ease. She was very calm and sweet. I am very satisfied with the two inches I lost the first treatment. Can’t wait until the full process is done. Looking forward to my next visit. The salon is clean and everyone was very friendly. Thank you Rebecca!”


“The body revive weight loss treatment has changed my life, my skin is so much tighter after receiving a package of body revive. I recommend it to anyone trying to slim down or tighten skin.”


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